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Welcome to PICKERING CREATIVE ARTISTS ACADEMY, your number 1 destination in Colorado for music, theatre, and entertainment lessons, classes, events, and experiences for KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS.

Location: 6920 S Jordan Rd., Suite G, Centennial, CO 80112

Telephone: (720) 513-3158

Email: info@pickeringacademy.com

Academy Hours: M-Sat: 9am – 9pm

Your Talent, Your Tribe, Our Training

We offer a wide range of classes and lessons for all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced performers. Whether you’re interested in music lessons, acting lessons, or performing arts classes, we have something for everyone. But the benefits of studying at Pickering go far beyond just mastering new skills. Our students develop confidence, discipline, and a strong sense of self-expression that will serve them well in all areas of their lives. They learn to collaborate, communicate, and think creatively, skills that are highly valued in today’s world. 


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5 Star Review

If you are looking for top tier instruction full of joy and fun you should check out Pickering Creative Artist Academy. There’s nothing I love more, than my home full of music and songs from my kids. The growth they have shown in skills and confidence is amazing and keeps them looking forward to their lessons each week. We feel lucky to be a part of the Pickering family!

– Erin O

Fabulous Academy to Access and Grow in the Arts!

Amy and Michael Pickering absolutely know music, theater, entertaining, education… and they attract high quality teachers who want to share their love of music with kids ready to grow. My 12 year daughter is learning the fundamentals of performing musical theater. My 9 year old son is loving drumming and benefited from piano lessons prior, he is a musician in the making. They are both always energized after their classes. We are grateful for the Pickering team and academy!

Pickering Voices Adult Pop Choir is My Happy Place!

Being a part of the adult choir is such a positive experience! I love the all of the fun, knowledge and talent every week. I highly recommend Pickering Creative Artists Academy – their teaching staff shares their joy and enthusiasm with the students and it’s catching!

Best Part of My Daughter's Week!

Absolutely adore Pickering Creative Artist Academy! My 13 year old daughter has been taking voice and piano lessons for a little over a year, and it is still the best part of her week. When she started, we had NO idea how she would do, and she is thriving! She even got a solo in her first year of choir! Michael and Amy are the kindest, most encouraging, hard working people we know. We are so, so thankful for this AMAZING academy! I would (and do with friends and family) HIGHLY recommend.


Our Upcoming Events & Programs



Little Mermaid Jr. Tech Week!

It’s the final countdown for our Little Mermaid Jr. This is going to be a fantastic show!


Event Info

It’s “The Little Mermaid Jr.” tech week! Tech rehearsal schedule is as follows:

11/14: 5pm-7pm at Pickering Academy

11/16: 5pm-7pm at Pickering Acvademy

11/17: 5pm-8:30pm at Parker Performing Arts School

11/18: 12pm-4:30pm at Parker Performing Arts School



Little Mermaid Jr. Performances

2 Performances held at Parker Performing Arts School Theatre! Get your ticket now!


Event Info

Our cast and crew have been working hard to bring you a spectacular experience! “The Little Mermaid Jr.” goes live on stage this weekend. All performances will be held at Parker Performing Arts School, 15035 Compark Blvd, Parker, CO 80134.

11/18: 6:30pm Show

11/19: 5pm Show



Thanksgiving Break – Studio Closed

It’s the holiday season! Gobble up some family fun, love, and yummy food! We are thankful for YOU!! See you after break!

Event Info

It’s turkey time! Gooble up this holiday with your favorite foods, activities, friends, and families! Our studio is closed for the holiday from 11/22-11/26. WE ARE THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!



Winter 23 Student Showcase

It’s Showtime! Our Winter 23 Student Showcase is at the Wildgoose Saloon in Parker, CO from 2-4pm. FREE!

Event Info

Join us on Sunday, December 3 from 2-4pm at the Wildgoose Saloon in Parker for this free concert! Our Pickering Creative Artists Academy Winter 23 Student Showcase features students young and young at heart. Invite your friends and come enjoy the magic! 11160 S Pikes Peak Dr, Parker, CO 80138