Group Lesson Benefits

There are many benefits to learning music in a small group setting. 

General Benefits 

  • Group lessons are limited in size to 5-6 students so each student receives excellent individual instruction time. 
  • Group lessons are 50 minutes long allowing for more instructional time than private lessons. 
  • Group lessons don't cost any more than private lessons but offer more time and collaborative learning opportunities for the same tuition amount as private lessons. 
  • Group lessons can lead to a deeper, richer learning experience via the inherent collaborative nature of a multi-student learning environment. 

Benefits for Students 

  • For many students a one-on-one lesson is just too intense. They don’t want the full attention of the teacher on them for the entire lesson. 
  • Many students learn better within peer-learning contexts, especially while they are beginner/intermediate students. 
  • Students get the opportunity to regularly be playing in front of other people, reducing performance anxiety. 
  • Students hear other students ask questions they may not think to ask. This can lead to a deeper, richer learning experience. 
  • There’s more of a sense of accountability and healthy competition when it comes to practicing between lessons. 
  • Students develop the skill of playing with others straight away. Improving their ability to play in time and understand music within a group context. 
  • Lifelong friendships form in group classes, making the desire to keep coming stronger. 
  • Students can be asked to demonstrate something for another student, reinforcing what they’ve learned, and giving them a little ego boost in front of the class. 
  • Group lessons typically include an independent learning element where students develop the skills to focus and practice alone without the teacher staring and listening to every note during that time. 
  • Musical games are more fun in a group. 
  • They get a sense of how they’re progressing compared to the other students. 

Benefits for Parents 

  • The lessons are longer (50-mins) giving parents more time to run errands (or just have some well-earned peace and quiet). The longer lessons also make instructional time 60% more cost effective.
  • Parents see their kids making new friendships tied to a positive activity. This provides students with a positive place to belong. 
  • With kids gaining more confidence in a group setting, parents see a noticeable and positive improvement in their child’s character and leadership. 
  • Provides a stepping stone up to more group and concert events and activities. 
  • Community builds within the parents, further strengthening our academy's culture. 
  • Sometimes you can have siblings in the same class, meaning parents don’t have to wait around twice as long. 
  • If the kids miss a class, they may be able to join another class that week. 
  • With the naturally more competitive and social environment group lessons provide, parents don’t have to work so hard at telling their kids to practice because there’s often a stronger desire from the student to do that themselves. 
  • Often times group classes lead to accelerated learning compared with private one on one lessons. 

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