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Now Accepting Applications! 

Imagine working side-by-side with inspired, positive, and creative people committed to making lives better through the most fun and forward-thinking music, performing arts, digital arts, entertainment, technology, and event experiences imaginable: One song. One stage. One stream. One community at a time. 

Now Accepting Applications for our Inaugural Instructor and Guest Relations Crew!

Initial Creative Domains Include:

Keyboard/Piano, Voice, Guitar, Uke, Bass, Drums/Percussion, DJ, Music Production - Pro Tools/Ableton, Video Production, and Support Staff. Age groups include babies to boomers, beginners through advanced, group, private, and bands/ensembles learning environments, parties, live and digital events, concerts, productions.

Employment: Part-time employees with future full-time opportunities.

Timeframe: Fall 2021 Opening

Location: Centennial, CO 

How to Apply: Email your resume' or CV and a cover letter sharing why you want to join our creative family and what your dream position would be about. Submit your information to

Who are we?  

Pickering Creative Artists Academy 

What do we do? 

We help you overcome life’s noise with the most fun and inspiring music & performing arts lessons on the planet so you can experience personal fulfillment, realized potential, and inspiration for life! 

Why do we exist? 

Music saved my life. My family began to disintegrate when I was a pre-teen. At that age, you feel things very intensely. Expressing those feelings is essential for hope and help. I needed an outlet, and there were plenty of options from which to choose - some healthy, some self-destructive.  

I chose music, and I became inspired. I discovered music inside of me, a community of creative kids around me, all of which helped provide healing and hope for me.  

I believe there is a tremendous opportunity for our community and others to support and benefit from the presence of a fun, relational, and innovative Creative Artists Academy. I think that positively inspired people inspire people positively. And this can change the world because it changes people. - Michael Pickering

Our Mission 

We inspire: Individuals. Groups. Communities.  

We encourage and empower creative expression in kids of all ages.  

We do this by providing the most fun and forward-thinking music, performing and digital arts, entertainment, technology, and event experiences imaginable: One song. One stage. One stream. One community at a time.  

We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do and by doing so, raising hope, inspiring and nurturing the human spirit, empowering people and their imaginations, amplifying creativity and the inherent value, dignity, and worth of every individual everywhere.  

Our Vision 

We desire to be one of the leading providers of Creative Artists education and events in this community and one of America's leading providers in our space, both physical and digital. 

Our Values 

The presence of difference 
The power of optimistic possibility 

Thank you for considering joining our family and becoming a member of our creative crew. We're looking forward to getting to know you.