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Pickering Creative Artists AcademyAssitant Manager Instructor Bree

Breanna (Bree) Van Dyke




Breanna Van Dyke, known affectionately as Bree, boasts an impressive track record with over five years of experience in the service industry. Her expertise spans a range of vital areas including sales, customer service, contract negotiations, and relationship building, underscoring her versatile professional capabilities.

In addition to her service industry accolades, Bree is an extraordinarily talented vocalist, recognized for her award-winning performances. Her vocal prowess has been showcased on prestigious stages such as Carnegie Hall and at the esteemed Copeland School of Music Festival, highlighting her artistic excellence.

Beyond her vocal achievements, Bree has a significant background in musical theatre. She has shone in leading roles in renowned productions such as “My Fair Lady,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” and “The Addams Family.” These performances not only demonstrate her versatile acting abilities but also her dedication to the arts.

Bree’s blend of industry acumen and artistic talent makes her a distinguished figure in her fields of expertise, reflecting a career marked by both professional success and creative fulfillment.

Amy Pickering – B.A., Musical Theatre



Amy Pickering is a versatile and accomplished professional, excelling as a performing artist, entrepreneur, educator, and musician. With a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre Degree from the esteemed University of Northern Colorado, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. As Vice President of Lionsong Entertainment, Inc., and a former Theatre Director at Englewood Middle and High Schools, Amy has made significant contributions to the arts and education communities.

Amy’s passion for teaching extends beyond her role as a Theatre Teacher, as she has also served as a private Instructor with local arts and entertainment organizations. Her talents as a performer have taken her to numerous local, national, and international events, where she has been recognized as a featured artist.

In addition to her accomplishments in the arts,  Alongside her husband, Michael Pickering, she remains actively engaged as a headline music and clean comedy performing artist for a diverse range of clients worldwide – www.michaelandamy.com

With a dynamic and diverse skill set, Amy Pickering continues to make a positive impact in both the artistic and fitness realms. Her dedication to the arts, education, and health is evident in all aspects of her professional life, inspiring and uplifting those she encounters.

Scott Davies – Professional Touring/Recording Musician


Scott Davies is a distinguished presence in the Colorado music scene, celebrated for his performances and tours with iconic bands such as Opie Gone Bad, The Samples, and Josh Blackburn. Boasting over 100 album credits, his expertise as a recording musician is unparalleled.

Scott’s dedication extends beyond the stage into the realm of musical theater, where he has spent many years providing his rhythmic talents. With a career spanning 35 years, his passion for music education shines brightly. He has mentored hundreds of aspiring drummers, imparting the beauty of music and the percussive arts with a mix of compassion and patience. Scott is committed to fostering his students’ musical identities, encouraging them to find their unique voices.

At the heart of his philosophy lies the belief that music is a universal joy, accessible to all.

Ashell Fox – M.S., Recording Arts, A.A.S., Film Post-Production



Ashell is an exceptionally talented and versatile audio engineer and music producer with over 8 years of combined experience in the film and music industries. Originally from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Ashell moved to Denver to pursue higher education in the world of media arts.

During Ashell’s time at CU Denver, he showcased his dedication to education and innovation by co-developing and co-teaching MUSC 4820 – Digital Music Techniques. This unique class focused on modular synthesis and sound design, leaving a lasting impact on students and the curriculum alike.

Ashell’s skills span from music composition across diverse genres, sound design for video games, to mixing sound for films and documentaries.

As a highly skilled multi-instrumentalist, Ashell is adept in teaching Piano, Drums, Accordion, Music Production, General Music Education, Mixing, and Mastering.

Pablo Sanchez – DMA Flute Performance, M.M., Flute Performance, B.M., Flute Performance



Pablo Sanchez is an accomplished flutist and educator with a wealth of experience and accolades to his name. Hailing from Mexico, his musical journey has taken him across the Americas, from the US to Brazil, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.

As an educator, Sanchez has served as a flute instructor in numerous music programs, both in Mexico and the US. His passion for teaching is evident in his approach, as he works tirelessly to help his students develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Sanchez’s own musical accomplishments are equally impressive. He first made his mark in the orchestral world as a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Mexico. Since then, he has performed with some of the most prestigious ensembles in the Americas, sharing the stage with luminaries such as Alondra de la Parra, Leon Spierer, Sylvain Gasançon, Enrique Batiz, and Fernando Lozano, among others.

Sanchez’s dedication to his craft is reflected in his academic achievements as well. He holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Flute Performance from The University of Kansas, a testament to his commitment to excellence and his desire to constantly improve his skills.

With his formidable talent and passion for teaching and performing, Pablo Sanchez is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of music. Whether on stage or in the classroom, his enthusiasm for the flute and its potential to connect people across borders and cultures is contagious, inspiring those around him to embrace the power of music in all its forms.


CHARLTON DEMAS – B.A., Recording Arts with a Music Performance Emphasis



Passionate about fostering musical talent in others, Charlton Demas stands out as a dedicated music educator based in Denver. Alongside his teaching endeavors, he is an accomplished musician recognized for his versatility, multi-instrumental mastery, and charismatic professionalism. Charlton’s enthusiasm and love for music shine through in his expertise with a range of instruments, including bass, guitar, piano, and drums. Though he considers himself a bassist first and foremost, his skills extend far beyond just one instrument.

With years of performance experience, Charlton has graced stages across the Midwestern United States, both as a solo artist and as part of various bands. His repertoire isn’t limited to live performances; he also composes original scores for various art and media platforms, such as films, television shows, advertisements, and YouTube videos.

An alumnus of the University of Colorado Denver, Charlton holds a degree in recording arts with an emphasis on music performance. His academic background in audio production adds an innovative layer to his teaching methodology, enriching his students’ learning experience.

As a musical ‘lifer,’ Charlton finds immense value in maintaining the fun, passion, and excitement in musical pursuits, even as one ventures into more complex aspects of music theory and practice. For him, the journey through music is a balance—preserving its cherished qualities while exploring its more challenging dimensions.

In essence, Charlton Demas is not just a musician but a multifaceted artist and educator, committed to enriching the musical landscape for his students and audiences alike.


Legend High School


Madison Nguyen is a multi-talented performer with a deep passion for music, acting, and dance. Excelling in singing, dance, acoustic guitar, ukulele, Madison brings a unique and dynamic energy to all her performances. Recently, she played the character Madison in “School of Rock” the Musical at the PACE Centre, where she was also the show’s Dance Captain, showcasing her versatility and leadership.

Madison’s additionally impressive acting credits include Lavender in “Ronald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical,” Ngana in “South Pacific,” and ensemble in “The Wizard of Oz.” She is the Head Choreographer at Pickering Creative Artists Academy, directing dance and movement for shows like “Moana Jr.,” “The Lion King Jr.,” “The Little Mermaid Jr.,” and “Willy Wonka Jr.,” further cementing her reputation as a creative and influential force in the performing arts.

Beyond her work on stage, Madison is a dedicated instructor passionate about inspiring her students and cast members to reach their full potential. Her infectious enthusiasm and commitment to excellence make her a beloved figure among both students and colleagues.

With her natural talent for music and the performing arts, Madison Nguyen is a true creative force. Whether she’s strumming a guitar, belting out a tune, or leading a dance number, she infuses each project with her unique vision and energy, continually proving herself as an artist whose star is on the rise.


Grandview High School


Lydia King, a vibrant young musician, began her musical journey with piano at age 5 and discovered her passion for violin at 9. As a distinguished violinist, she has performed in prestigious ensembles like the Colorado All State and Western States Honor Orchestras, and shined as concertmaster at Grandview High School. Her involvement extends to the Denver Young Artists Orchestra and various pit orchestras, reflecting her love for classical music and musical theater.

Adept in more than just music, Lydia is fascinated by history and is actively learning Chinese, with an exciting scholarship for a study abroad program. She aspires to further her studies in violin, Chinese language, and culture at college.

Outside her musical endeavors, Lydia engages in diverse activities like cooking, baking, crocheting, and traveling. She’s also a dedicated volunteer with the National Honors Society. Lydia’s philosophy centers around the transformative power of music in enriching lives, believing it’s a universal language that transcends words and nurtures the mind, body, and soul. Her goal is to ignite a similar passion in future generations, fostering connections through the unique language of music.

LINDSAY ROBERT – B.A., Musical Theatre




Lindsay Robert, an esteemed graduate in Theatre and Musical Theatre from the University of Colorado, has illuminated stages from the vibrant avenues of New York City to regional, national, and international tours. Notably, she has also brought enchantment to many as a face character at Disney Parks and Cruise Line.

Now firmly rooted in Colorado with her husband and three boys, Lindsay is the proud owner of “Royally Enchanted Princess and Character Parties,” a venture that spreads joy and wonder through magical character experiences. Furthering her commitment to inclusive joy, she founded the nonprofit “Enchanted Experiences for Every Child,” aiming to bring the same magic to children with special needs.

Enthusiastic about nurturing talent, Lindsay is a dedicated teacher at Pickering Academy, working alongside her friend and fellow University of Northern Colorado graduate, Amy Pickering. She is eager to welcome and inspire the next wave of performers with her wealth of experience and passion for the arts.

ANNMARIE WELDON – B.A., Musical Theatre




Annmarie, an alumnus of Indiana University with a specialization in musical theatre, has spent a decade honing her craft in the bustling arts scene of New York City. Her illustrious career includes performances in Off-Broadway productions, appearances in television and film, and serving as a background vocalist at the renowned Chung King Studios. Among her most cherished experiences are her roles in two Off-Broadway shows directed by Diane Paulus (known for “Waitress” and “Jagged Little Pill”) and portraying Marcy in “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” under the guidance of Roberta Duchak of “SIX” fame.

While in New York, Annmarie enriched her skills through study with eminent professionals like vocal coach Bruce Kolb, speech and Shakespeare expert Patsy Rodenburg, and the esteemed Karl Bury of the Larry Moss Acting Studio. Beyond the stage, she excels as a digital marketer and graphic designer, bringing creativity and flair to her day job.

A mother to three wonderful children, two of whom are students at Pickering, Annmarie delights in harmonizing life’s moments with her family, infusing her home with the same passion and artistry that has characterized her career. Her diverse talents and experiences make her a vibrant addition to any creative endeavor.

WILBERT GILLEY – B.A., Music Education, M.A., Clarinet Performance




Wilbert, a distinguished musician and educator, originates from Louisiana. He is an alumnus of Louisiana State University, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education followed by a Master’s in Clarinet Performance. His profound passion for music education is evident in his extensive teaching career, which includes roles in elementary music, as well as middle and high school band, orchestra, guitar, and percussion classes in Colorado.

Before relocating to Colorado, Wilbert was deeply involved with Kids’ Orchestra in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an organization inspired by the El Sistema movement. As a performer, his talents have graced several orchestras, new music ensembles, and community groups in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Wilbert’s dedication to music, both as an educator and a performer, highlights his commitment to fostering musical appreciation and skills in students of all ages, contributing significantly to the cultural fabric of every community he has been a part

AMY CONDON – Producer, Director, Aesthetics, Actor, Singer, Dancer



Amy Condon is a seasoned professional in the Colorado performing arts scene, with over 20 years of diverse experience as an actor, singer, dancer, and member of directing and production teams. Her notable contributions include roles and production involvement in “School of Rock,” “Addams Family,” “9to5 The Musical,” and “Steel Magnolias,” among others. Additionally, Amy has made a mark in the beauty industry by managing, expanding, and owning several salons in the Denver Metro area. Her expertise in hair, makeup, and aesthetics, combined with her business acumen, has significantly enhanced the quality of numerous theater productions.

Beyond her professional achievements, Amy is a prominent figure in the Colorado arts network, connecting artists, musicians, designers, and business professionals with a shared passion for the arts. As Programming Director, she leverages this network to elevate theater and performance groups. Residing in Southeast Aurora with her family, Amy has been integral to the growth of Parker Arts and continues to contribute to its thriving community.

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“Music and the performing arts can change lives because they change people. Music saved my life during my tween years. It was in music that I found peace in the midst of tragedy, community in the face of loneliness, and self discovery, confidence, and compassion through creative expression. Pickering Creative Academy is a warm, welcoming creative space for all looking to find and express themselves. Next to my family, it is my greatest joy to see people come alive here.”

– Michael Pickering

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