The following Terms and Conditions apply to all lesson agreements made between Pickering Creative Artists Academy (“PCAA”) and its students and the parents/carers of its students (“the student”).

The Terms and Conditions set forth below have been created for the mutual success and benefit of all parties involved.

I hereby consent and agree, for myself/my minor child, to participate in classes, lessons, rehearsals, performances and/or other related activities with PCAA. 

I understand that I am fully responsible for myself/my child until such time that my/my child’s class, lesson, or other PCAA activity begins, and that I also am responsible for myself and/or my child immediately upon the conclusion of my/his/her activity at PCAA. This includes, but is not limited to, transportation to and from PCAA, all time spent waiting for the scheduled lesson to begin, and/or waiting for pick-up following a lesson. 

In consideration for PCAA accepting me/my child into its program, I do hereby for myself, my spouse, my children, our heirs, personal representatives and assigns, expressly release and forever discharge PCAA, its officers, agents, and employees of and from any liability and all claims, suits, or causes of action arising from or as a result of my/my child’s participation in PCAA programs, including, without limitation, injuries or damages sustained by myself and/or child on property managed by PCAA. 

Teaching weeks at PCAA are based upon student enrollment dates. However, there are occasional differences for various programs and classes and these term dates are communicated before every session begins. At all times it is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the first and last dates of sessions at PCAA.

All correspondence is sent out to the student by email  If this causes a problem, please let PCAA know.
It is the responsibility of the student to make PCAA aware of any changes to their contact details  PCAA will not be held responsible for any missed communications, late/overdue payments, missed lessons, etc.,  if this is due to incorrect contact information.

Some of PCAA’s communication is done via bulk delivery services e.g.  mail merge, therefore there is a level of potential error associated with this.  If you notice something incorrect e.g.  lesson details or account details, it is not intentional.  In these cases please let us know via email to so we can rectify the situation as soon as possible.

The student will be informed of the lesson day, time and the date of their first lesson either by phone, in person, or by email before their teaching commences.  PCAA will aim to confirm all the lesson details by email but does not guarantee that this will be the case if it deems sufficient confirmation has been provided by other means. 

In-Person/Online lessons - if the agreed lesson times or days need to be changed, the student will be contacted as far in advance as possible and alternative arrangements will be made to continue the lessons at times and days that suit the student and PCAA. 

If the student is unable to attend a lesson please let PCAA know at the earliest time possible, either by email to or phone at 720-767-3627. Absence information will be passed on to the relevant Instructor(s).

Missing a lesson now and then is inevitable. Students can drop into any of our regularly scheduled group classes should they miss their scheduled lesson, subject to class availability and makeup credit term allowance. Makeup credits are limited to 3 per term and must be used within 30 days of the date issued. Makeup credits issued but not used reset to 0 at the end of each term or within 30 days of the end of the term depending upon the term date issued. Makeup credits cannot be redeemed for cash value.

It is only by managerial discretion that customer credit is placed on a students account to the value of a missed lesson Customer credit is not transferable for money but will be used at the earliest convenience - usually the next session’s fees. 

If the student’s Instructor is unavailable to teach, PCAA will attempt to arrange a substitute Instructor and give you as much notice as possible.  

If PCAA cancels any lessons due to events out of its control, customer credit may be given at the discretion of PCAA management. 

If a student will be absent for more than three weeks due to medical reasons, a credit may be given, at the discretion of PCAA management. 

The lesson agreement between PCAA and the student is a rolling agreement that continues into each new session and new year.Invoices are emailed for each session in respect of the following sessions lessons, until a cancellation notice is received, as discussed below.

CANCELLING THE AGREEMENT– the student must opt out of the Lesson Agreement with PCAA.
If the student wishes to cancel the lesson agreement with PCAA, written notice must be received by PCAA Management at least 30 DAYS prior to the intended last lesson. 

Verbal notice given to the Instructor will not be acted upon and is not considered sufficient unless confirmed in writing to PCAA main office by the student. 

If the student is unable to give 30 DAYS notice, they will be charged a late notice fee equivalent to one month's lessons.
Exceptions on medical grounds may be made to this as decided by PCAA management. No refund or credit will be given for any cancellations part way through a fixed length program (such as an Introduction to Music course.)

If PCAA has to cancel a lesson agreement it will endeavour to give 30 DAYS notice to the student. Any lessons remaining after the lessons’ end date will be credited to the student’s account if payment has already been made. 

If, in exceptional circumstances, PCAA has to cancel the student’s lesson due to damage of PCAA property or harassment of PCAA staff by the student, this may be done with no notice and no credit or refund for any outstanding lessons. 

We accept all major credit cards.

CREDIT CARD details can be entered via online invoices, phoned to our office – 720-767-3627 or email us at and PCAA will contact you. 

PCAA tuition is billed on the 27th of each month in advance of the following session. Automatic recurring payments are billed monthly until cancelled.
Full payment must be received before the new session starts.

PCAA Instructors CANNOT accept payments in any form. Upon enrollment a student or guardian/caregiver will be set up with a Customer Portal login. All session fee invoices, payments and lesson details are accessible there. 

Late Penalty charges are made up of two parts - $10 late fee and $20 administration cost. Dishonored Internet Payments – the student’s account will be debited with a $10 fee if any online payment is annulled 

The student is responsible for any and all charges that their bank may levy for rejecting any payment to PCAA 
PCAA does reserve the right to temporarily and fully suspend students from lessons with unpaid session fees. A temporary suspension means that PCAA will keep the lesson time slot available for the student in the hopes that payment will be made. 

A full suspension means that PCAA has the right to fill the students lesson time slot with another student from the waitlist 

Payments more than 30 days in arrear may be handed over to a debt collection firm. PCAA will attempt numerous contacts prior to resorting to this unfortunate measure. All costs incurred for sending an account for debt collection are added to the student’s outstanding balance.

Parent/Guardian Release Form for Audio, Photography, and Videography                                                             

I give permission for PICKERING CREATIVE ARTISTS ACADEMY (PCAA) to use video footage and/or photographs of me/my child/student. I hereby assign full copyright to PCAA (and the related representatives and assigns) together with the right of reproduction either wholly or in part. I grant PCAA to, either separately or together, either wholly or in part, the perpetual and irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish video and/or photographs of me/my child, including any retouching or alteration. I understand that Students, if identified, will be identified on a first name basis only, that photographs or videos shall be deemed to represent PCAA, and statements or wording will not be attributed to me/my child unless directly quoted and referenced. I undertake not to prosecute or to institute proceedings, claims or demands against either PCAA or agents in respect of any usage of the above mentioned and release PCAA from all claims and liability relating to photographs or video taken. 

This usage may include (but is not exclusive to) displaying publicly, distributing, or publishing, photographs, and/or video of my child for use in materials that include, but may not be limited to: 

- printed materials (eg - brochures and newsletters) 
- online and offline advertising and promotion   
- videos and digital images such for use on Social Media.                                       

I acknowledge that I am giving unrestricted permission for my child’s image to be used in print, video, and digital media. 

I agree that these images may be used by PICKERING CREATIVE ARTISTS ACADEMY for a variety of purposes and that these images may be used without further notification. I do understand that, other than first name, any identifying information including surname and location will not be used in conjunction with any video or digital images. 

I understand I can opt out of the granting this media release by written notification via email at or in person. 

The Terms and Conditions described above are agreed to upon enrollment and may be changed at any point by PCAA without providing notice to the student. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will always be available on our website and may be emailed to the student on request.

In the event of an emergency, I hereby authorize and request PCAA to provide or secure me/my child to receive emergency treatment at a hospital and/or from a licensed physician should the need arise. I hereby give my consent for PCAA to seek necessary emergency medical treatment for me/my child, and for me/my child to receive such emergency medical treatment, which may be deemed necessary or advisable in the event of injury, accident or illness. I further understand that the emergency contact listed will be called immediately if any emergency arises and I accept financial responsibility for all such medical treatment that may be provided. 
For all general enquiries email:
For all absence notifications email:
To call us phone: 720-767-3627 (available during office hours only.)