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At Pickering, we believe in transforming lives through the joy of music. Whether your child is finding their footing or ready to soar, we’re here to help them thrive. Enroll now and watch your child compose their own success story. Let’s make music that moves us all!

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Why Do Families Choose Pickering?

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Personalized Learning Paths

At Pickering Creative Artists Academy, every student’s journey is distinct. We tailor our teaching methods to fit your unique talents and goals, ensuring a truly personalized learning experience.

Expert Guidance

Our faculty consists of seasoned artists and educators who are deeply committed to nurturing your skills and confidence, helping you to express yourself without limits.

Community and Support

Join a vibrant community of fellow artists who are as passionate and dedicated as you are. At Pickering, you’re never alone on your artistic journey.

What Our Students and Parents Say

Since my daughter joined Pickering Creative Artists Academy, her confidence has soared! She not only excels in music but in her daily life as well. Seeing her smile after every lesson thrills my soul.

Emily Carter, Parent

Joining Pickeriong was the best decision I’ve made. It’s not just about music; it’s about discovering who you are and expressing it without fear. I’ve grown more in one year here than in five years elsewhere.

James Lowell, Student

Seeing my son thrive in such a nurturing environment is heartwarming. He used to be shy, but now he’s performing on stage with such passion and confidence. Thank you, Michael and Amy and Pickering Academy!

Linda McGregor, Parent

Pickering is more than a school; it’s a community that encourages you to be your best self. The lessons I’ve learned here extend far beyond music—they’re life lessons that I’ll carry forever.

Sophia Zhang, Student

Unlock Your Potential

Join the hundereds of families who are thriving at Pickering Creative Artists Academy and discover YOU! Enroll today and start shaping your future, one note at a time!