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Ukulele Lessons at Pickering Creative Artists Academy: Strum Your Way to Success!

Master the Ukulele in Centennial, CO

Welcome to a place where melodies, creativity, and community come together! Pickering Creative Artists Academy invites you to embark on a musical journey with our ukulele lessons, designed for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re strumming a ukulele for the first time or looking to refine your skills, we’re here to help you achieve your musical dreams.


We Have UKULELE Lessons For You!

Our Ukulele Program: Personalized Pathways to Mastery FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: KIDS, TEENS, AND ADULTS

Our comprehensive guitar lessons are tailored to suit every student’s individual needs. With a focus on technique, expression, and performance, our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping you grow as a guitarist and musician.

  • Beginner Strums: Start your musical journey with the basics of ukulele playing, learning chords, rhythms, and simple songs in a supportive environment.
  • Intermediate Rhythms: Elevate your playing with more complex techniques and diverse musical styles. Our lessons will help you expand your repertoire and find your unique sound.
  • Advanced Melodies: Aim for the stars with advanced instruction that challenges you to master the ukulele. From intricate solos to dynamic performances, we’ll help you become a versatile and expressive musician.

    Why You Should Choose Pickering Academy

    Don’t settle for less – not for you or your child! Find out why Pickering Academy will give you the music learning experience you deserve!

    Pickering Academy Make Friends
    Pickering Academy Performance Opportunities
    Pickering Academy Hassle Free Scheduling
    Pickering Academy Fun Teachers
    Pickering Academy Fun Spaces
    Pickering Academy Student Centered Learning

    Our Lesson Pricing

    Another unique aspect of Pickering Academy is that we charge our lesson fees on a monthly tuition basis instead of longer terms (3-4 month commitments). There is a one-time $35 registration fee and lesson tuitions don’t increase as you progress! Instead, you choose a package based on your preferred music lesson duration! Additionally, if you’re interested in siblings or friends learning together, contact us and we will create a custom package just for you!

    Pickering Academy 30 Minute Pricing
    Pickering Academy 45 Minute Pricing
    Pickering Academy 60 Minute Pricing

    Pickering Vs. What's Out There

    Other Schools: Scheduling/Rescheduling only during office hours

    Pickering Academy: A cloud-based platform for scheduling/rescheduling anytime, anywhere

    Other Schools: Inflexible scheduling policies or forfeiture of missed lessons

    Pickering Academy: The ultimate flexibility – 6 hours rescheduling policy + 6 months makeup validity

    Other Schools: Cramped studios with drab, uninspiring decor

    Pickering Academy: Vibrant and colorful lesson studios offering maximum transparency into the learning journey

    Other Schools: “One-size-fits-all” curriculums

    Pickering Academy: Fun and engaging lessons tailored to every student’s unique abilities and musical tastes!

    Other Schools: Many schools do not allow parents to sit into lessons

    Pickering Academy: Parents are welcome to sit into lessons, and even encouraged to participate!

    Other Schools: Performance opportunities are only for a select few

    Pickering Academy: Pickering provides mutliple performance opportunities for all students throughtout the year

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What's The Minimum Age For Starting With Music Lessons At Pickering?

    At Pickering Academy, we believe music is for everyone! We have learners starting music lessons as young as 4 years old! We welcome the young at heart too – it’s never too late to pick up a new skill!

    2. Which Instrument Should My Child Start With?

    Pickering provides a wide variety of instrument lessons for all ages! Generally, the piano is regarded as the most user-friendly instrument for young learners and a great way to learn the basics of music. However, this also depends on what your child loves to listen to! We have kids who like to rock and roll and start out with the drums, or kids who love to belt out and sing through vocal lessons! Every child is unique – and that’s also why we’d suggest a trial lesson to discover your child’s unique talent!

    3. How Can I Keep Track Of My Child's Progress?

    At Pickering, we believe that children make great progress through strong teamwork between child, parent, and teacher! Our Pickering Music Teacher will update you on your child’s progress points after every lesson and if you want to take it a step further, all parents are welcome to sit into lessons so you can be a part of your child’s learning journey!

    4. Do We Need An Instrument At Home? We're Just Starting Our Lessons!

    Having an instrument at home to practice with is highly recommended! Learning how to play a musical instrument is not just a mental skill, but it involves a lot of muscle memory and exercises to strengthen coordination.

    However, not to worry! Pickering provides instrument rental options at affordable monthly rates! You can speak to our Pickering Studio Manager for more information.

    5. How Long And How Often Should One PracticeTo Master Playing An Instrument?

    10 to 15 Minutes a day – YES, it’s that simple! When beginning your musical learning journey, short, daily practice is enough as a start, and you can slowly add a few minutes each time you progress to play more complex and lengthy repertoire. The most important thing? Consistency. The more consistent the practice, the more likely you are to build healthy, daily habits that integrate seamlessly into your routine – just like brushing your teeth!

    6. What Are Your Teachers Qualifications?

    Our teachers all have outstanding musical qualifications – ranging from Professional Performing Arts Vocations, Certifications, Bachelor’s, or even Master’s Degrees!

    Moreover, they’ve undergone through a rigorous hiring process. Not only do we hire talented musicians, but we’re proud to say that our teachers are also passionate and dedicated educators who genuinely love students of all ages!

    7. What Are Your Rescheduling Policies?

    Glad you asked! At Pickering, you’ll experience the ultimate flexibility in rescheduling lessons. You’ll only have to give a 6 hour notice to reschedule or cancel a lesson, and our makeup lessons are valid for 6 months after the cancelled lesson date!

    8. Can You Provide Advice For Families Interested in Pursuing Professional Performing Opportunities?

    Great (and important) question! Pickering has a professional performing arts and entertainment industry network nationwide including our leadership team. We have students (and instructors) performing in professional theatrical companies, film, television, concerts, touring, and more. We also host workshops and forums with industry professionals to help safely guide you through the world of professional arts and entertainment.



    What Parents are Saying

    What an amazing music school! I am just so glad we found it! My kids 5 and 7 both were able to attend the Summer Camp this year and during that week were introduced to several instruments and sing!!! (keyboards, drums, ukulele, and bongos) and they learned so much each day! I was just blown away on the final concert performance day – where they performed 3 songs and an encore!!! Each student played different instruments for each song, All had such confidence out there singing their little hearts out and it really sounded good for a band of kids!!!!  Thank you again for an incredible program!” – Tammy D.

    My kids absolutely love learning from the amazing and talented instructors at Pickering Academy. As a parent, I enjoy watching my kids develop a new skill and seeing the excitement in their faces after each lesson.” – Tina H

    My oldest has been asking to start music lessons for a bit and we finally got around to it. We got a few recommendations for Pickering Academy and cannot be happier with him. Their Instructors have so much enthusiasm and you can tell they genuinely care for the kids and music. Its only been a little over a month but my son is thoroughly enjoying his lessons and even practices willingly!” – Susie K