Voice Classes - all ages & ability levels

PICKERING CREATIVE ARTISTS ACADEMY voice lessons are where singers and aspiring vocalists come to learn the fundamentals of singing like breathing, posture, and diction. These basic principles are key to emotionally engaging vocal performances.  At PICKERING CREATIVE ARTISTS ACADEMY we take a fun, innovative and contemporary approach to music education. Our goal is to inspire student's love for singing by teaching them to sing popular SONGS THAT THEY WANT TO LEARN! Our expert voice instructors help guide beginner singers through the early stages of vocal progression, assisting with pitch training, developing timbre and learning how to sing with freedom.  Our core philosophy is that contemporary performance-based music education is the best way to inspire students, gain musical proficiency, and encourage a passion for music. All of our lesson programs include a performance aspect.


MUSIC IS A GROUP SPORT! There are SO MANY benefits to learning with others, not to mention making lifelong friends in the process. 

Contact us for our class schedules today! Email lessons@pickeringacademy.com or call 720-767-3627 for availability.