Confidence is something that can make or break us from becoming all we are capable of. This is true especially in the world of performing arts. Whether you’re a musician, actor, or dancer, the ability to believe in yourself and your abilities is essential to achieving success. Unfortunately, feeling confident is often the demon that most of us struggle with. I know this all too well from my own personal journey.

Growing up, I had a deep love for music and theatre, but my family’s lifestyle as touring performers made it difficult to engage in school-sponsored activities that would nurture my interests. It wasn’t until junior high school that I finally had the opportunity to explore my passions. However, I was paralyzed by fear.

My biggest obstacle was my fear of failure. The fear of making mistakes and being judged by others held me back from pursuing what I loved. But as I continued to take risks, practice, and perform, I learned that facing my fears and persevering through difficulties was the only way to develop my confidence. I also discovered that I wasn’t alone in my insecurities. I found a community of friends who shared my passions and fears, and we became inseparable.

Having a mentor, in addition to my supportive community, was a game-changer in building my confidence. Having someone who believed in me and provided constructive feedback was invaluable. My music and theatre teachers inspired me, saw potential in me, and helped me embrace a vision of who I could become. They taught me the importance of striving for excellence while enjoying the learning process.

The benefits of growing in confidence are life-long. Learning music, theatre, and performing arts can be a life-changing activity that develops discipline, teamwork, creativity, emotional intelligence, and communication skills. It allows us to express ourselves and connect with others on a deeper level.

In the life and the performing arts, confidence is everything. It enables us to take risks, be vulnerable, and connect with others in a powerful way. When we are confident in ourselves and our abilities, we thrive! On stage and screen, we create performances that are truly transformative, inspiring others to take risks and pursue their passions.

I want to encourage you to face your fears and persevere through difficulties. Find a mentor or a supportive community that can help you build your confidence. Remember that growing in confidence has life-long benefits. Not only will you become a better performer, but you’ll also become a better leader, communicator, and person. 

Don’t let fear hold you back from what you love. Embrace the power of confidence and watch yourself soar.